Sunday, January 22, 2006

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my scooter and moped blog
I created this blog to share my love for scooters and mopeds with you.

I will be posting news and specs on all the scooters that I have ridden and evaluated.


Vixen1982 said...

Morning Leon, I see that you know alot about scooters, i need a suggestion. I live in Kempton and work in Bruma and I want to get a scooter to get to work and back, now I have seen a lovely scooter - Conti 125cc Sport MD, now i like the shape cause it looks sporty. Problem is its not a well know scooter I am looking for a cheapish sporty, sexy scooter, (I am a woman) that I can easily handle. Any suggestions (my budget is R20000 Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hello, Leon

Very helpful website.

Can you entangle the issue of motorcycle licenses for me: what sort of license will I obtain should I take the driver's test with a 150cc or higher scooter?


Anonymous said...

PS I mean disentangle! The issue seems complicated.