Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Vespa Piaggio ET4

The Piaggio ET4 has a 125cc four stroke single cylinder, Fan cooled LEADER motor. (Low Emission ADvanced Engine Rang)

It has a Dell'Orto CV carburetor With a SOHC Cylinder head.It evenly picks up speed, but has a flat spot just after the centrifugal clutch lets go completely. There is a bit of a vibration on the motor, but otherwise it runs very quiet.

The ET4 is stable under braking and when it is ridden hard, but the suspension is a bit soft. The

Piaggio has good handeling and brakes to match.
The styling is slightly curved and the instrument panel has the basic Speedo, fuel gauge and warning lamps, but boasts a sporty digital clock which is a rarity on scooters.

The Piaggio ET4, a sporty scooter with a classical look and only the essentials on board.

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